Floor Plan

To give an idea of space, here's what I slapped together using MLS listing and the County Auditors website. I know stuffs a little wonky, but until I can get into measure things this will work.

SO MANY DOORS. It goes back to the idea of heating back in the day, ala 1920s, where you had to actually shovel coal into your furnace. You compartmentalize to save on heat escaping. Side note, under the porch is the actual old coal room, which now I'm pretty sure is garden snake orgy room.
I didn't include a basement floor plan. It's just the shape of the house, with ten foot ceilings. Perfect for finishing out if I ever come into some money, and or have a need for more space. It needs to be trenched and a sub pump, but all in due time. It looks like they attempted to kind of finish out the basement, with wood panelling and insulation. Alas, because of the lack of sub pump, and non trenching, it's a bit damp. Our first major demo project? I'm already fantasying about dust masks and tyvek suits.
I ended up playing with the floor plan on my lunch break and kind of made a possible future plan.

I'd like to get rid of the dividing wall between the dining room and living room but matching 100 year old wood would be a nightmare. Also look at my "master bedroom". That'd would be so nice.

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