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Hey everyone! I decided to move my personal blog over from Blogger to Squarespace with the rest of my photography site! I'm working on a redirect currently, but please update your links! 


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For those of you who don't know, Google is going to be killing their reader service. Which is a total bummer for me because it's what I use to follow all my blogs. As always, you can follow blogs (including this one) through bloglovin'! I've made it easy for you, just click the button above and continue following me. 

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On The Sewing Table: M6560

I've been working on this pattern, and am almost done. I still have a few lining and finishings to sew.

Yesterday I tried it on and it just didn't seem right. It hit me in kind of a weird spot, and make me look more stocky than normal. If it was already too short, it would be even worse when I hemmed it. I spent awhile trying to figure out how to lengthen and pattern match it so it didn't look like a mistake.

I quickly realized that if I put on a ruffle, it would a) be easier than trying to pattern match and hide seams, and b)just look way better than any other option.

So I got to work.

So much more flattering right? Totally evens out my line backer shoulders a bit better. I mean lets ignore the fact that I didn't have enough fabric to even keep the pattern doing the right way, but I don't think it matters. It's busy enough I don't think many people will notice, and it's just a little summer dress anyway. 

I still need to under stitch my lining, finish my interior seams, add the back buttons and maybe put in a waist stay. 

I did have a bit of a zipper malfunction  So I tried sewing an invisible zipper with my machine's zipper foot instead of the correct invisible zipper foot. I hate to admit it's because I was too lazy to go downstairs to look for it, but that was really the case. So my invisible zipper is very visible. 
I'm REALLY don't want to pink the entire zipper, but it looks like I might. I think I should have a huge poster in my house that says, "Just do it right the first time." because I swear it'll be my downfall.

I \got kind of confused when I was sewing in the lining. What on earth I was supposed to do with the straps? So here's how you sandwich them in case anyone else has the same issue. 
So you lay your outer bodice right side up, and fold you basted straps down so that everything lays flat and all the right sides are touching. 
Then you pin your lining on top of that, right side down. You need to be extra careful not to sew the strap into the seams with this method, but it looks really good when you do it right. I added extra pins just to keep the strap still. 

I should be all done with nice non iPhone photos of the finished product this weekend. I forgot how much I liked to sew! It's a good thing too, because I'm on a bit or a spending freeze in preparation for two upcoming vacations to LA and PR. So this is the only way I'll be getting any new clothes, but I'm okay with that.  I have a huge pattern and fabric stash, so it's about time I put it to good use! 

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WNW Going In The Wild Review

Disclosure: All makeup products bought with my own money. No one/company will ever influence any review I give. :D

Wet N Wild, as you all know, is one of my favorite cheap makeup brands. They're 8 pan color icon palettes are always amazing. Super pigmented, and under five dollars. You really can't go wrong. I heard about the new limited addition palettes, "Going In The Wild" and "Nude Awakening" awhile ago online, but they finally just hit my local Meijer. The following Review is for "Going In The Wild".

The packing is super cute in comparison to the regular eight pan case. This is white as opposed to the normal black palettes. With fun white spring flowers. It comes with a pretty worthless applicator, that I never use. Once you start using decent makeup brushes, you can't help but realize how awkward it is to use the tiny applicator most drugstore eye shadows come with.

As far as the formula goes, it's pretty on par with the rest of the eight pan collections. Mostly Pigmented (although I would say a little bit less than a normal palette), easily bendable, if a bit powdery. These, like most eye shadows, work best with a primer.* You do have to build up certain colors, the light purple is kind of sheer for my liking. The mint color on the other hand is one of the most pigmented ones in the group.

I tried to find lighting for the swatches that would be as true to color as possible. Harder than it sounds.
As You can see, the primer really picked up more of the pigment and glitter than without. The brow bone colors are basically sheer, which while practical, was kind of disappointing. I rarely apply the eye shadows as they prescribe. I was hoping the right side brow bone color would be a way more pigmented than it was. In fact, I feel like this palette is over all kind of less pigmented than the normal collection. It might be intentional though. When people think spring, they think lighter. For under five dollars though, it's a good purchase overall.

It doesn't look bad paired with the rest of the colors on the right side though. Here I applied them as the company intended. (Right Side Colors)
Wearable and pretty springy! I did try out the left side purples yesterday as well, and I think I might like that look better, I'll post some photos tonight. 

Have you seen these popping up anywhere? What do you think? 
I also have the Nude Awakening palette  which seems to be an attempt of a dupe of the UD Naked palette. Should I review it? 

*I've been using Urban Decay's primer potion since I started using primers. Wet n' Wild released their own version recently which I tried. While the primer feels a bit strange when applied (much more oily than UD), I think it might work better than UD in my situation. I have very oily eyelids as the day goes on, and had no creasing at all! In fact I was painting and had to take a shower in the middle of the day to get paint out of my hair. I tried my best not to get my face wet, but it was still pretty steamy. My eye shadow looked great when I got out, I was really surprised. I will say you need to give the WNW primer a bit of time to set before you apply anything to it. But overall it worked great. At less than 1/3 the price of the primer I normally use, I'm willing to make the switch. 

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Nothing Caught On Fire So I Did This Right?

So we didn't get a crazy amount of snow this week, about five inches. Still enough to put everyone in a funk. Spring feels very overdue right now. I did mange to get some of my lesser fun house things done though. Like switching out a pretty heinous ceiling fan, for something a bit more simple.

This was my first electrical project ever. I figured since I did my first plumbing project ever last week, it would be a good follow up. Changing a light is super easy. It will more than likely be even easier for you than me. I had a bit of older wiring to finagle with, but nothing I couldn't handle.

PS: If you're wondering, it's the Minut down light bought from IKEA. It throws off a pretty bright light which is nice since it's so gloomy outside. Just make sure you turn the power off! I find myself turning off the whole house just for piece of mind.


I painted the trim in the dining room, which was in dire need of repainting. The pink on the wall is one of the rejects from our paint selections. I really like it, but I think it reads to baby pink for the look were going for. It's Valspar's Pink Ribbon.

For those of you wondering about the second picture. Yes, I bought a Christmas tree in March. This is really the time to buy one though, they're on super sale. Won't the white look good next year next to the Archer Avenue pink? The only reason I set it up (no fluffing mind you) is because it's pre-lit, and I wanted to make sure everything worked and was on the up and up.

It's supposed to be not horrible weather wise out this weekend, so maybe that'll perk everyone up. I plan on spending a good part of my weekend prepping the front room walls for painting. Which is the worst, most boring job in all of home improvement. If you don't do it though, your walls are going to look horrible.
I'd like to get a good deal done on the dress I'm sewing as well. I predict a bit of a shut in weekend for myself.

I hope your plans are much more exciting than mine!

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On The Sewing Table : M6560

So, I still sew, I just haven't recently. So when better to decide to sew a very springy dress than we were in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year? Obviously there's some serious wishful thinking happening on my part. Anywho, I'll be sewing McCalls' 6560, and here she is.


I'm trying to work through both my pattern and fabric stash. No new patterns until I sew at least a few I already have. I brought this one at least a year ago, so it's about time. I also had some fabric that had no plans to be made into anything, until now. 

Pretty right? It's Valori Wells, Floral Birds in the Merlot color. This fabric feels great, it's a linen cotton blend, and something normally that would be way to expensive for me to even think about. I picked it up at a sale my local indie fabric store had awhile ago, so I scored big time. 

I'm actually pretty excited to fit everything onto my new me size mannequin. Then again, I'm a pretty big sewing nerd. 

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The Grand Scheme Of Things

Sometimes I forget to take a step back and look at things as a whole. I think doing that though is especially important in small houses like mine. I've always tended to go a bit crazy when it comes to color, but bright and bold walls always made me feel good. With the coming soon paint color so different than anything I've used before, I though it might be a good idea to see all the colors in my home as a whole. Surprisingly the pink plays very well with the other colors I've already chosen. I'm even more excited now!

Since I've now got my official whole house color scheme, I'd like to start using the paint colors from one room as the accessory colors in the others. I think that will make it feel a bit more cohesive.

For example I've got plans to make some golden yellow curtains for the living room, to bring in the kitchen colors. Or maybe a minty colored table cloth in the dining room. How about some pink bedding? You get the drift.

I do wish I had the money to put down one type of flooring throughout the house. I'm dreaming of wide white farm house planks. That is pretty far off in the future though realistically.

Do you look at the big picture when you're remolding, or are you more of a go with the flow kind of person?

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