The Grand Scheme Of Things

Sometimes I forget to take a step back and look at things as a whole. I think doing that though is especially important in small houses like mine. I've always tended to go a bit crazy when it comes to color, but bright and bold walls always made me feel good. With the coming soon paint color so different than anything I've used before, I though it might be a good idea to see all the colors in my home as a whole. Surprisingly the pink plays very well with the other colors I've already chosen. I'm even more excited now!

Since I've now got my official whole house color scheme, I'd like to start using the paint colors from one room as the accessory colors in the others. I think that will make it feel a bit more cohesive.

For example I've got plans to make some golden yellow curtains for the living room, to bring in the kitchen colors. Or maybe a minty colored table cloth in the dining room. How about some pink bedding? You get the drift.

I do wish I had the money to put down one type of flooring throughout the house. I'm dreaming of wide white farm house planks. That is pretty far off in the future though realistically.

Do you look at the big picture when you're remolding, or are you more of a go with the flow kind of person?

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