On The Sewing Table : M6560

So, I still sew, I just haven't recently. So when better to decide to sew a very springy dress than we were in the middle of the biggest snow storm of the year? Obviously there's some serious wishful thinking happening on my part. Anywho, I'll be sewing McCalls' 6560, and here she is.


I'm trying to work through both my pattern and fabric stash. No new patterns until I sew at least a few I already have. I brought this one at least a year ago, so it's about time. I also had some fabric that had no plans to be made into anything, until now. 

Pretty right? It's Valori Wells, Floral Birds in the Merlot color. This fabric feels great, it's a linen cotton blend, and something normally that would be way to expensive for me to even think about. I picked it up at a sale my local indie fabric store had awhile ago, so I scored big time. 

I'm actually pretty excited to fit everything onto my new me size mannequin. Then again, I'm a pretty big sewing nerd. 

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One Response to On The Sewing Table : M6560

  1. Wow! That fabric is lovely, the little birds! I'm excited to see how this turns out, the square neckline is beautiful.