WNW Going In The Wild Review

Disclosure: All makeup products bought with my own money. No one/company will ever influence any review I give. :D

Wet N Wild, as you all know, is one of my favorite cheap makeup brands. They're 8 pan color icon palettes are always amazing. Super pigmented, and under five dollars. You really can't go wrong. I heard about the new limited addition palettes, "Going In The Wild" and "Nude Awakening" awhile ago online, but they finally just hit my local Meijer. The following Review is for "Going In The Wild".

The packing is super cute in comparison to the regular eight pan case. This is white as opposed to the normal black palettes. With fun white spring flowers. It comes with a pretty worthless applicator, that I never use. Once you start using decent makeup brushes, you can't help but realize how awkward it is to use the tiny applicator most drugstore eye shadows come with.

As far as the formula goes, it's pretty on par with the rest of the eight pan collections. Mostly Pigmented (although I would say a little bit less than a normal palette), easily bendable, if a bit powdery. These, like most eye shadows, work best with a primer.* You do have to build up certain colors, the light purple is kind of sheer for my liking. The mint color on the other hand is one of the most pigmented ones in the group.

I tried to find lighting for the swatches that would be as true to color as possible. Harder than it sounds.
As You can see, the primer really picked up more of the pigment and glitter than without. The brow bone colors are basically sheer, which while practical, was kind of disappointing. I rarely apply the eye shadows as they prescribe. I was hoping the right side brow bone color would be a way more pigmented than it was. In fact, I feel like this palette is over all kind of less pigmented than the normal collection. It might be intentional though. When people think spring, they think lighter. For under five dollars though, it's a good purchase overall.

It doesn't look bad paired with the rest of the colors on the right side though. Here I applied them as the company intended. (Right Side Colors)
Wearable and pretty springy! I did try out the left side purples yesterday as well, and I think I might like that look better, I'll post some photos tonight. 

Have you seen these popping up anywhere? What do you think? 
I also have the Nude Awakening palette  which seems to be an attempt of a dupe of the UD Naked palette. Should I review it? 

*I've been using Urban Decay's primer potion since I started using primers. Wet n' Wild released their own version recently which I tried. While the primer feels a bit strange when applied (much more oily than UD), I think it might work better than UD in my situation. I have very oily eyelids as the day goes on, and had no creasing at all! In fact I was painting and had to take a shower in the middle of the day to get paint out of my hair. I tried my best not to get my face wet, but it was still pretty steamy. My eye shadow looked great when I got out, I was really surprised. I will say you need to give the WNW primer a bit of time to set before you apply anything to it. But overall it worked great. At less than 1/3 the price of the primer I normally use, I'm willing to make the switch. 

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