lady cave update

Been working on my lady cave. So far it looks like this!

My oilcloth covered desk. Tutorial soon to come! 

Room Rundown:
Poang Chairs : IKEA (free as a hand me down)
Shag rug : UO found on craigslist for 20$
Oilcloth Desk - Free Minus 2 yard of frabric 14.00$
Lamps - Free hand me downs
Shelving Unit - Hyllis IKEA 14.99
Chair - Nordmyra IKEA 39.99
Gate Leg Table - Norden IKEA 179.99 (Former dining table in our tiny apartment)
Mirror - Hand me down
Paper laterns - IKEA 5.99

I know it's a far cry from finished, but I felt pretty accomplished. I'm debating on whether or not to throw down some cheap IKEA click lock flooring. Plywood is such a pain to keep clean. Seeing as this is a small area, and the slatten flooring is only .65 cent a square foot, I think we can make it happen.
Now If I can just find a good weekend to do it. 

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