Front yard.

This is the listing photo for our house taken about a week before we put in our offer. Holly Trees and Japanese Yew. Officially my least favorite, most annoying, most overgrown plans ever. The holly trees had to go first though. There wasn't a day that went by that those damn leaves didn't prick me. Not to mention they're huge and growing INTO the house. 

We threw some mulch beds down (not pictured)once we ground the stumps. We also painted the front door that unfortunate green color. The more I looked at that Japanese Yew though the more I knew I hated it. It was time to die... 

With some pruning shears in hand I spent my entire sunday cutting the monster down. It was four feet tall about four or five feet wide, and 10 feet long. I still have to dig up the root balls and plant a new garden/mulch. But getting this far has been a lot of work.

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