Mood Board Mondays : Space Case

space case

After seeing Promethus and reading about Mars One (Which I'm hoping isn't some elaborate hoax), I've been pretty stoked on space. To be honest, I'm always stoked on space. Even though I was dissapointed that NASA was seemingly being outsourced these past few years, I'm hearing more and more about private companies developments into space exploration. It's so relieving to see space exploration isn't dead. Did anyone else manage to catch the Transit of Venus? Cincinnati, as always was overcast. :(


*Two images were unsourced from tumblr :/

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3 Responses to Mood Board Mondays : Space Case

  1. @georgeanne If space already freaks you out, please never see Prometheus, lol.

  2. I AM LOVING THAT NECKLACE. Holy crap!!!