Sew Thursdays : Simplicity 1800 Complete!

If you weren't aware, this is my summer hat. Because pale girls need more than sun screen! 

I debated wether I should throw this on my dress form to save me the awkwardness of modeling it. But since my vintage dress form is very much a size six, and I am very much not, I decided to grit my teeth and bare it. It fits me probably better than anything I've sewn thus far. 
But moving on, I finally finished the first article of clothing for my summer palate challenge. Even in time to wear it to the first big BBQ of summer! I got lots of compliments! Someone asked if it was vintage. I replied that I had made it. 

"So you do that for a living right?" 


The pattern itself was super duper easy... Until you get to the sleeve facings. I'm sure those could have been better explained/illustrated in the instructions. I'm totally going to make this pattern again, except next time, the halter version. I know my prints don't match, but I was gifted the fabric by my mother and didn't have enough to match, or I would have tried! 

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4 Responses to Sew Thursdays : Simplicity 1800 Complete!

  1. The dress is great, and you look so pretty :)

  2. SO cute! I still need to buy that pattern and the stuff. Ugh, babies.

  3. @Brittany Ha your excuse is a good one though! I was going to do a sew along but then I lost all motivation. My excuse is... life.