2012 In review

2012 was a good year. 

It marked the second year of home ownership.

A four year anniversary with my sweetie.

A new additions to our pet children.

Some great projects.

Good Food

As far as resolutions go, I'd like to keep things simple. 

My main goal is going to be to live more simply. I'd like to be happy with what I've got, and not pine after things which are out of my budget, or just really impractical. I'd like to live more frugally and in turn save more money. I want to practice more patience, and be in the moment. To unplug from technology and social media more. I want to save money for a travel fund, so I can explore the world with my honey. To do things with intent, and look at the big picture. 

I'd also like to focus more on my health. We've recently found out that Brian has a kind of dairy and gluten allergy that has turned the way we eat on it's head. We've adopted the Paleo/Primal diet which we've been very happy with thus far. I'm sure I'm going to love sharing any recipes we discover with you in the process of exploring our new diets.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year. I'm looking foward to it. 

*I deleted my instagram account, as I couldn't deal with there terms of service. I'm slowly going through and redoing all the iphone photo friday posts and replacing the image urls with my back up copies. Bear with me, I hope to be done shortly. :D

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