A Tangible Budget

I am so terrible at keeping track of my money. So last night the boyfriend and I decided that we needed to set a firm budget, even for the fun stuff. Knowing myself I thought it would be best to keep my budget tangible. I'll be taking out the money I've budgeted for different things and keeping them in labeled envelopes. It's pretty fool proof. If I've only got 20 that week for fabric, no sale will make me spend more than I want. 

But since I have a surplus of pretty paper and labels I thought I'd make my own envelopes. I made a template for them if you'd like to make them as well! They'd make for a much prettier presentation of a monetary gift than most people are used to! 

Basically all you need to do is trace and cut your desired paper. Fold all the edges in, and glue the over lap on the long sides. Then glue one of the curved flaps on top of the longer sections. To close them I just fold the top flap into the envelope. 

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3 Responses to A Tangible Budget

  1. Cute envelops! I would end up misplacing mine and losing all my money though!

    1. I keep them zipped up in my purse so i can't lose them! :)

  2. Cute idea for gift envelopes, too! Something different!