To - Do

I've got a bit of a stomach bug at the moment. I feel pretty miserable. That aside though I have a pretty big list of stuff I'd like to get done these done before Winter.

  • Clean deck and siding
  • Trim back trees
  • Clean up yard waste 
  • Paint Porch & Porch Swing $
  • Weather strip front door
  • Buy Ladder $
  • Clean out gutters 
  • Kill weeds in sidewalk cracks 
  • Spray foundation/deck for spiders

  • Prep Walls in future bedroom for paint
  • Paint Walls in future bedroom
  • Ikea trip for bedroom shelves/desk $
  • Move bed downstairs
  • Install new curtain rod  $

  • Pick up basement 
  • Sweep and clean floors and walls
  • Install new shelving $
  • Clean and organize sewing area
  • Clean washer and dryer area
  • Paint concrete floors $
  • Change Filter in furnace 
  • Have furnace check before heat needs to be turned on $
  • Paint paneling 

  • Get water filter fixed $
  • Organize/ Clean out pantry
  • Get new light bulb for fridge
  • Touch up chalk board paint on fridge

House Misc. 
  • Paint all trim in house
  • Install thresholds in living room $ 
  • Install Thresholds in Bathroom & New Bedroom $
  • Prep walls for paint
  • Install wooden blinds $ 
  • Buy chaise lounge add on for sofa $
  • Move love seat upstairs to dressing room/office
  • Invest in more garment racks for dressing room $
  • Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig $

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One Response to To - Do

  1. So sad to see that anyone has a longer list than mine. Good luck, and most importantly, get well soon.
    PS: Maybe I'll add a Fiddle-leaf Fig to my list too. Good idea!