Treat Tuesday: Tom Collins

One the best and classic summer cocktails is the Tom Collins. Originally conceived in the late 1870's by the famous bartender Jerry Thomas. Mr. Thomas's original recipe is fun to read.

Jerry Thomas' Tom Collins Gin (1876)
(Use large bar-glass.)
Take 5 or 6 dashes of gum syrup.
Juice of a small lemon.
1 large wine-glass of gin.
2 or 3 lumps of ice;
Shake up well and strain into a large bar-glass. Fill up the glass with plain soda water and drink while it is lively.

Our modern recipe is much easier to follow though.

Tom Collins
3 parts Gin
2 parts fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 part simple syrup
4 parts tonic water
1 marachino cherry
1 slice lemon (we ran out so we just used an orange, it was still tasty!)

Mix gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice over a few ice cubes in shaker, pour into collins glass.
Top off with tonic water and garnish with cherry and lemon.
This recipe is always more delicious if you drink it outside, at least to me.

Enjoy Everyone! 

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