Whatever Wednesdays: Atonement

You know that everyone has that movie, which you seem to watch by default a lot? Well mine's been atonement for awhile. Not only is the story great, but the visuals and costumes are pretty much to die for. I mean really, check out these stills from the film. 

Pretty perfect right? Please don't get me started on the most amazing gown ever either. I mean, look at it! 

Needless to say I'm pretty stoked for Anna Karenina to come out. It's by the same director as Atonement, Mr. Joe Wright. 

Do you have a favorite movie you find inspiring? What movies are you excited for? 

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3 Responses to Whatever Wednesdays: Atonement

  1. Mine is Mean Girls! haha Yeah it doesn't take much for me. I do watch a lot of old movies for the costumes though. One of my favorites is How to Marry a Millionare. The clothes are amazing.

  2. Oh I have a LOT of movies I draw inspiration from! Incidentally, I thought that Atonement was much better as a book than a movie. The movie is GORGEOUS to look at--don't get me wrong!--the story telling withing in the book is just so much better!

  3. I really enjoyed this movie even though I cried 5ever.